I closed my candle company at the end of 2011. I enjoyed the industry for nearly 20 years and I gladly move on to my next phase in life. For those of you who love my candles I urge you to try KOBO CANDLES.  Kobo Candles are made from the same wax and quality of oils used in my original candles.

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23 responses to “JimmyCANDLE

  1. Lisa

    I bought a HUGE stockpile of your candles way back when. I am now on my last one so I went online right now to find out where I could purchase more. My search led me here where I sadly discovered that you are no longer making candles. I cannot tell you what devastating news that it. I love, love, love candles – always have – and I have NEVER found candles with scents as amazing as yours. NEVER. Your candles are without a doubt the best in the world (and I’ve done a lot of traveling). Now I’m so sad to use my last one, I don’t want it to be gone. Is there ANY chance you’ll ever start making them again? Why waste such a gift, man!?! 🙂

    • Hello Lisa,
      My time (nearly 20 years) in the candle industry has come to its end. I now refer people to KOBO CANDLES. Louis, the owner, is making his candles with as great of care as I did mine. He is also on the very front edge of candle fragrancing, using the same top ingredients as I did. I pass my torch to this man and his lovely candle collection. Thank you for your kind words, and please give KOBO a try!
      peace, love, jimmy

    • Irma

      I am so bummed to hear you no longer make candles!!!! The “Sexe” scent was my favorite. Can you tell me which Kobo candle scent is most like it? I am happy to read that you are rescuing animals. That is a truly wonderful thing and thank you for doing so!

      • Thank you Irma! One of the best Kobo candles that is equally as sexy as my sexe fragrance, would be Mahogany Leather. The name might be Leather Mahogany…either way I think you’ll LOVE IT!!
        Thanks again! Jimmy

  2. Christine Ziegenfuss-Holanda

    Hi Jimmy,
    I carried your candle line when I had my floral/gift shop in 2007-2010 and due to the economy, I am no longer in that business, however, I am partnering with two women in an art/gift gallery and I proposed your candle line to them and they were thrilled…I am so disappointed that I can no longer carry your line…I certainly understand and respect your new venture…I remember your dedication to animal rescue from before…I wish you all the best and will try the company you are promoting, KOBO CANDLES…Best Wishes as always.
    Warm Regards,
    Christine Ziegenfuss-Holanda
    Formally: Lily of the Valley Floral Design and Gift Gallery

  3. david

    Miss Jimmy candles. In the history of candles nothing will be as good as Jimmy

  4. Lisa

    I agree. No candle out there comes close – and never before and never since will there be scents/fragrances like Jimmy’s. His candles were genius and absolutely irreplaceable.
    Jimmy, PLEASE come back!


    Lisa, you are so right and I have told Jimmy before how I believe his candles are irreplaceable! The SoBo line doesn’t really come close to the Sexe candle I used to always buy. I wish Jimmy would come back, you have a bigger following than you know!

    • Thank you! There are things that happened after I decided to close the business that confirmed that I made the right decision. The strongest one was that one of the larger candle companies purchased the fragrance house I had developed ALL of my fragrances for nearly 20 years…and they destroyed all of the formulas (including mine) except the ones they wanted to keep. If I had still been in business at that time, that for sure would have forced me to close. Trust me, I am so happy NOT being in the candle business right now. Though, I know that doesn’t help you.

      Thank you for supporting my brand all those years!

  6. Beth

    I agree with others your candles are irreplaceable. I am hoping you might be able to share the fragrance notes in your “Love” candle so that I could try to find a replacement at Kobo candles.

  7. Jax

    What scent would the fuck candle be in, in your new kubo candles?

  8. Kim McB

    Just another JimmyBelasco candle fan here. Thought I’d take a cruise around the web to see if your candles might be back in production. As noted previously by so many others, no candle I’ve ever found has come close to the purity of scent my Jimmy’s. I’m terribly sorry to hear about your exquisite work being destroyed. Blessings to you for finding such things to be the universe affirming your decisions and leaving the possible bitternesses behind.

    • Thank you Kim! All of the events in my adult life that sucked the most, at least the major ones I can think of, have always turned into something wonderful or at least a really good thing. “I am turning this into the BEST thing that could have happened FOR me.” and onward I would march. I have used this exact proclamation to the universe many times in the rollercoaster that has been my business career; this has helped me make some REALLY GOOD lemonade.

  9. Nothing comes close to your candles Jimmy.

  10. Ashley

    I loved your Sexe candle, and jist ran across a half jar at our lakehouse…man, I wish I could get more. Does Kobo make one similar

    • HI Ashley,
      That is one of my favorites! The fragrance house that produced that fragrance for me closed unexpectedly and with it went the formula. At one point I worked with another fragrance house on some fragrances and they had produced the SEXE fragrance for me, as a back up… but they are not finding it. I will push them a bit more because that is the most beloved of the fragrances and the most post-mortem requests. If I can get this again, I will let you know through this site. Or you can send me your email address. And KOBO doesn’t have anything like this fragrance…nobody has come close to it.

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