We help you understand how to clean up and operate the unoriginal tools I used on my ordinary life, and how to apply them in a particular fashion to create a not-so-ordinary life of YOUR choice. The ultimate intent of my classes are to achieve the state of GROK in your life with these concepts.

SCHOOL OF GROK Schedule of Classes to be announced 

“Jimmy’s approach to a workshop is an entertaining ride to self awareness!”   ~Dr. Kent Cochran, Ph.D, LPC, CHT

“It’s obvious that Jimmy is following his passion. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in his workshop. I am in the midst of recreating my life and took several things away that will help me with my new venture.  ‘As I step that bridge is appearing‘ Thanks Jimmy. Really appreciate you!!!” ~Marc Harper, Dallas TX.

“Jimmy’s Workshop is powerful & right on target for what the world needs right now.”  ~William C. Oliver, Ph.D. President, Williams Institute. Former Provost, Northwood University – Dallas.


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