Yes it is true, I talk, and talk, and talk, and talk.

In fact, like my dad, I will speak to anyone who will slow down long enough to listen. Though in this case I am referring to the fact that I give educational/inspirational talks or speeches.

As you can already tell, I am a bit unconventional. And even though humor and stories are the medium through which I communicate, I am very passionate about the topics on which I speak. I have been inspiring people for decades – I know the art of inspiration – I know how to call people to action. I also speak from a place of experiential knowledge – not theory from a book – using my life as the basis of my pool of knowledge. I take you on a journey, recounting stories of my life when appropriate – you’ll laugh, you’ll learn and you might even cry – and through it all, you will most likely find yourself inspired into action upon the chosen topic.

Any of the below topics can be adapted to your group, company or organization in a 15-30-45 minute talk. The below topics are also covered in depth during a 3-4 hour workshop, visit theJIMMYtalks WORKSHOPS at the top of this page.

  • The Art of Letting Go
  • Connecting with your LOVE, and Calling Forth the Love of Your Life
  • Slowing down time – Is your life a blur?
  • The one and only thing you control on this planet
  • Peace in the middle of the hurricane
  • Mastering your Manifestation Machine
  • You are in the control seat 
  • We are ONE with EVERYTHING
  • Multi-tasking is overrated!
  • The Art of The Inspired Sale – for sales organizations
For more information, please send me a message in the section below.
~ Jimmy

3 responses to “theJIMMYtalks

  1. rachel

    Jimmy, it’s Rachel, the Yoga Balm girl. I follow what you are doing and just wanted to wish you the best of luck and remind you that you rock!

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