Calling forth the love of my life while being The Most Undateable Person on the Planet

7:30PM Thursday October 10, Stone Cottage Theatre, Addison Convention Center

This is a story-telling and educational talk explaining how I used the same tools as I did for creating my businesses, and the platform for a new industry, to CALL FORTH my joy and my peace, and ultimately my Mabo. There will be no charge for this event; it is a first run-through for this new format and will be filmed for marketing/sales purposes. The actual talk is scheduled to be 45 minutes, though due to the filming and production work, please be prepared for this to extend up to 1.5- 2 hours.  Seating is limited to 50 guests. To request seats please use message box below. The evening is sponsored by Robert Lowther of The Denali Group.

theJIMMYtalks is a series of stories where I share how I put the unoriginal pieces of an ordinary puzzle together in a particular fashion as to create the not-so-ordinary life of my choice.

I also offer intensives through a program called: The School of GROKGROK /grawk/ to know a concept so thoroughly it becomes ONE with your being.


3 responses to “theJIMMYtalks

  1. rachel

    Jimmy, it’s Rachel, the Yoga Balm girl. I follow what you are doing and just wanted to wish you the best of luck and remind you that you rock!

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