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So, ask me a question…or leave a comment.

I will read it and I will respond.

So comment and ask away…

~peace love, Jimmy

10 responses to “Ask Jimmy

  1. Kenneth Cramer

    Hey Jimmy,

    I know you’re not making candles anymore, but I’m wondering if maybe you could share with me what scent I could buy that would closely match the sent of your “Sexe” candle?

    I just used up my last one the other night 🙂

    Thank you for your time and thank you for the wonderful smells of the past!

    Kenn Cramer

    • There isn’t anything like it that I have found. Try Mahogany Leather (or visa versa) by KOBO candles. It is a very sexy scent and one of the best I’ve smelled in that category!

  2. Kenneth Cramer

    Thanks Jimmy 🙂


  3. Gabriela

    Jimmy, I live in Mexico and its hard to taste the kobo scents, could you be so kind to tell me the name or scent would closely match with “Kiss” candle? I pretend buy on line.

    The best for your new enterprise!


  4. Jimmy, Let’s try this again! I hadn’t confirmed the wordpress subscription…maybe that is why it didn’t work??
    Good to see you today!


  5. Hi Jimmy-

    We met at an ISPA show many years ago. I have some questions about my new business endeavor that I think you could point me in the right direction regarding equipment for heating an pouring into small 10ml jars. The business isn’t candles but a similar mixture. Email me if you have a chance.

    Thank you in advance and good luck on your new endeavors as well.

    • Hi Scott,
      Sure, look up Dadant melters. Best prices and great equipment. If you wan to chat over the phone we can talk either on my way to work or on the drive home. 8:30-9am or 5:15-6pm CST. Let me know and send your phone number.


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